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Apple slices are a side item at McDonald's they can be part of a Happy Meal. The product are peeled slices of apple.

They where introduced in 2011 and named Apple Dippers and had a low-fat caramel dipping sauce accompany them, They had a picture of Ronald McDonald with a green background. In 2013 they renamed them apple slices, started selling them without he carmel sauce, and changed the packaging to Ronald McDonald holding 3 apples, with some trees a bushes. In 2014 the new happy meal mascot "Happy" was introduced and the packaging for the Apple Slices changed to Happy streching his mouth to the shape of an apple. In 2017 the packaging was changed to Happy on a farm. In 2021 all charecters were removed, and the packaging changed to a generic teal background with an apple being cut.



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