Britney Spears is a famous singer and songwriter who publicly endorsed McDonalds, beginning in 2001 when she began dating Ronald McDonald.

She was very prominent in early 2000s McDonalds adverts, until Ronald cheated on her several times with Birdie the Early Bird. Their breakup was very scandalous.

Britney has been seen on and off again with The Clown, and remains very close friends with Grimace and Spurt.

Her and Ronald's sex tape leaked on September 17th, 2010. Revealing that he does in-fact like to be pegged and called dirty words during intercourse.After the leak, The Burger King came out and said quote : "I knew that faggot liked it from behind."

Britney attended the funeral of Spurt The Whale and his family in 2014. Testifying against Captain Crook in the groundbreaking trial.

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