Mcdonalds Dance Arcade Machine Security Camera Commercial

The McDonald's Dance Arcade Commercial aired on TV in the year 2005. It's about Ronald McDonald dancing to a song on an arcade dance mat based on Konami's flagship arcade game, Dance Dance Revolution. After he and a few kids dance, he accidentally kicks off his shoe and hits the camera, but thankfully it is fixed and his shoe is returned to him.


It is a normal day in an old arcade, two girls, one with short brown hair and another with long black hair, are playing on the arcade dance mat two the viewer's left, and are about select their next song, when they suddenly catch Ronald McDonald dancing on the dance mat to the viewer's right, the girls abandon their game and dance along behind Ronald to his song, other kids join in, after many dance moves, Ronald makes a bad move by accidentally kicking off his red shoe which hits the camera, disabling it. He then fixes it to clear what he did wrong, and then after the I'm Lovin' It screen, a little girl returns Ronald's red shoe, and then the commercial ends.


  • David Hussey as Ronald McDonald
  • Unknown as the blue jean jacket girl
  • Unknown as the girl with a long ponytail
  • Unknown as the blonde girl with a bandana
  • Unknown as the woman with the purse
  • Unknown as the little African American girl


  • When McDonald's showed off their Happy Meal products to promote movies coming up that year, several shots were cut for time, most notably, the shot when a little girl returned the red shoe to Ronald.
  • The dance mat arcade game Ronald plays on is a reference to the real-life game, Dance Dance Revolution, except in that game, you have to hit the arrows, and as shown in this Commercial, that rule is broken.

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  • [1] The only known YouTube video of the full version of this Commercial
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