French Fry Lovers is a McDonald's television commercial which first appeared in 1984.
McDonald's Fry Guy Commercial (1984)

McDonald's Fry Guy Commercial (1984)

The commerical marks the first appearance on the Fry Guys, after the name change following the PufnStuf lawsuit. The commercial features familar McDonald's characters Ronald McDonald, played by actor King Moody, Grimace, as voiced by voice actor Frank Welker, The Fry Guys, which features voice actors Patric Zimmerman, Terry Klassen, Stan Jones, and Maria Canals Barrera as Mom.


Ronald McDonald and Grimace were eating French fries together one bright day when the Fry Guys show up and steal their fries using fish hooks. They run off with the fries, as Ronald tries telling them to come back. Despite being outran by the Fry Guys, Ronald shows Grimace a plan he discovered to trick the Fry Guys into giving the stolen fries back: a mop to disguise as one of their own. The mop, named "Mom", tells the Fry Guys to share their fries, and they realize it was Ronald who reclaims the french fries but decides to share with them after all the trouble.