Ronald McDonalds Fry Kids opening

Ronald McDonald, dealing with the pesky "Fry Kids" at the opening of the 1990 McDonald's TV commercial.

The Fry Kids Commercial is a TV commercial which aired in 1990, which featured Ronald McDonald, played by actor Squire Fridell and The Fry Kids, voiced by Christine Cavanaugh and Charlie Adler.

Ronald McDonald and Fry Kids

Cabbie Ronald, as he catches up with "The Fry Kids" and takes them to McDonald's.

In this particular commercial spot, Ronald tries to prevent the kids from steal his basket full of McDonald's French Fries, which they manage to do while he's atop an apartment building, via clothesline; in trying to catch up with them, they teasingly taunt him saying "We've got your french fries", as he says "You'll never learn!" Anyhow, Ronald, posing as a cabbie, manages to catch up with the kids, as he asks them "Where to?" They then respond "Ugh Oh!"

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