Fun With McNuggets is a 1985 McDonald's commercial for Chicken McNuggets, featuring Ronald McDonald and friends.


The commercial tells some jokes about the Chicken McNuggets, who at the time, were a new menu item at McDonald's. Throughout the commercial, Ronald McDonald, Grimace, the Professor, and Captain Crook enjoy their many activities while telling the viewers jokes related to the McNuggets.


Below are the following jokes from the 1 minute version of the commercial:

Joke 1

Q: "Why are Chicken McNuggets like a jet plane?"
A: "Cause they sure go fast."

Joke 2

Q: "What do you say to a McNugget on the beach?"
A: "How about a dip."

Joke 3

Q: "If Chicken McNuggets play music what would it be?"
A: "Chunk Rock."

Chicken McNugget Joke

McNugget 1: "I'd Like to do a wild, breakdancing routine."
McNugget 2: "Why don't you?"
McNugget 1: "I'm Chicken."

Joke 4

Q: "How do McNuggets visit Outer Space?"
A: "In flying sauces."