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Grimace's Birthday is a mobile and desktop game released as a part of the similarly-titled Grimace's Birthday campaign. It was released on 12 June 2023.

It allows the player to immerse themselves in Grimace's world. The player controls Grimace as the creature races through several McDonald's birthday scenes to find his pals -- like Birdie and Hamburglar. The object is to make sure Grimace could blow out his birthday candles in a timely fashion – ensuring he picks up enough purple shakes for his friends along the way.

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Controls Mobile Keyboard
Move D-pad Arrow keys
Jump A Z
50-50 Grind Down (Hold) Down (Hold)
Darkside Grind Up (Hold) Up (Hold)
Kickflip A -> B Z -> X
Super Jump A (Hold) Z (Hold)
Select Board Color Select Shift
Select Option A Z
Pause Start Enter

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