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Hamburger Patch
Hamburger Patch Tree.jpg
The Hamburger Patch
Vital Information
Species: Hamburger(s)
Hair Color: None
A patch of McDonald's Hamburgers
Character information
Appeared in: Have appeared in many TV/print ads for McDonald's

The Hamburger Patch featured in McDonald's McDonaldland commercials to promote hamburgers to children. It is an area of the fictional city of McDonaldland where hamburgers are shown growing out of the ground on plants.

Curiously, although the hamburgers which grow in the Hamburger Patch have eyes and are able to talk, Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar and other characters are still shown as picking and eating them.

A commercial showing the Hamburger Patch was shown in evidence as part of the British McLibel trial. During questioning, McDonald's then Senior Vice President of Marketing, David Green, admitted that the reality of meat production would, "not be appetizing" to children.

The Hamburger Patch was dropped from McDonaldland commercials when characters were streamlined in the 1980's.