Vital Information
Species: Happy Meal box
Gender: Male
Character information
Appeared in: 2009

Happy is the current mascot for McDonald's Happy Meals and PlayPlaces.

Physical appearance

Happy is an anthropomorphic Happy Meal box with white limbs, and black shoes.


Happy is wacky, jovial, and very energetic. He enjoys fruit a lot and likes playing sports.


  • Happy was influenced by the Minions.
  • Some commercials feature multiple Happies, implying that he's part of a larger species.
  • He got a set of 8 action figures of him with different costumes in 2015 and some more have been released sporadically over the years.
  • In the USA, he started out with his face replacing the smile on the box, with perforated eyes. Then, he appeared doing stuff on top of the smile. He was removed in February 2020, but remains the mascot of the Happy Meal.
  • Happy looks like Julia Roberts.
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