McDonald's Wiki
Vital Information
Species: Happy Meal box
Gender: Male
Friends Happy Clones
Lightning McQueen
Happy Jr.
Character information
Appeared in: 2009 (France, International)
2010 (some international countries)
2014 (USA, Arabia)
2015 (UK)

Happy is the current mascot for McDonald's Happy Meals and PlayPlaces, he originally replaced the original iconic mascot Ronald McDonald.

Physical appearance[]

Happy is an anthropomorphic Happy Meal box with white limbs, and black shoes, he originally debuted back in 2009 in France and some other European countries, he later debuted in the USA on May 19th 2014, in the USA, Happy was created to help kids eating healthier stuff in any Happy Meal, but gained criticism on social media by calling him "Creepy" and "McScary" by the fans of McDonald's, some people also criticized Happy for replacing its original mascot, Ronald McDonald,. McDonald's later blamed the Happy haters on social media by calling the haters "tough crowd" by hash tagging #CantStopSmiling and later adding their opinion by calling them "cute," which these 2 posts also received criticism and by disagreeing with their liking of Happy, in the UK he later debuted in 2011 for Happy Studio, but he didn't get debuted officially until 2015, the first UK Happy Meal promotion that features Happy was Super Mario back in 2015.


Happy is wacky, jovial, and very energetic. He enjoys fruit a lot, likes playing sports, and enjoying playing around with most of the fictional characters that got promoted from each Happy Meal.


  • Happy was influenced by the Minions. He even joins the Minions in some commercials that advertise toys relating to the Despicable Me franchise.
  • In Spain, some commercials that feature Happy with promoted and licensed characters are replaced with Happies dressed up like them. This may be because the company was afraid that they might get sued for copyright infringement from the original producers. For example, in most European countries, this commercial promotes Super Mario toys, and shows Mario and a Happy dressed as Mario running together. However, in Spain, Mario was replaced with a Happy dressed as Luigi, painted in green.
  • Some commercials feature multiple Happies, or other Happy Meal boxes also named "Happy". The reason for this is unknown however.
  • He got a set of 8 action figures of him with different costumes in 2015 and some more have been released sporadically over the years.
  • In the USA, he started out with his face replacing the smile on the box, with perforated eyes. Then, he appeared doing stuff on top of the smile. He was removed in February 2020, but still remains the mascot in Happy Meal boxes, he also still remains in some Eurasian (European and Asian) countries, most notably France and the UK.
  • Happy also appears on its international web game called "Happy Studio," which was promoted in Happy Meal boxes.
  • Some commercials involve Happy and his clones appearing in its town called "Happy City," which debuted in 2012, the Happy City also appears on some newer updates of Happy Studio as its main focus, the Happy City mainly appeared in the UK, France, Mexico, and Brazil.