Happy Meal Gang
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The New Happy Meal Gang. From left: The happy meal soft drink Hamburger, Fries, and Toy bag
Vital Information
Species: Happy Meal
Gender: Male, Female
Hair Color: None
A line of food promoting McDonald's Happy Meal.
Character information
Appeared in: Have appeared in many TV/print ads for McDonald's since 1979

The Happy Meal Gang are the McDonaldland characters who comprise the McDonald's Happy Meal. They are Hamburger, French Fries, and Soft Drink, later joined with Cookies, and the McNugget Buddies.

The lineup slightly changed in September 2008: they would be joined by the Happy Meal Box and Toy Bag, the Fries changed from male to female, and they would all be given bow ties as an accessory

In the 1980s, the Happy Meal Gang received a makeover that included the addition of McDonald's Golden Arches on their pattern (Fries, Soft Drink), and Hamburger wearing a red bow tie instead of the original blue one. Cookies would be retired during this phase.

In the Fall of 2008, the Happy Meal Gang received another makeover where they all began to wear bow ties as an accessory.


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