The Headless Egg McMuffin Horseman is a spooky mascot for McDonald's who ran as a Halloween special in 1998. He appeared in two ads, in which he scared the residents of McDonaldland in order to steal their Egg McMuffins. His name was never officially announced, but fans choose the name based on him being headless and liking Egg McMuffins and being a horseman.


Little is known of the backstory of the Headless Egg McMuffin Horseman. It is not known if he is a person or a pumpkin man.

Early Life

The Headless Egg McMuffin Horseman is believed to have been raised somewhere in Chicago, on account of his very heavy accent. He is also very vocal about how high SAT scores are in Illinois, backing up this theory. Where exactly in Chicago is unknown, but it is possible that he was raised on 2 West Drive Street, which would have made his zipcode 60607.


After his appearances in the fall of 1998, the Headless Egg McMuffin Horseman does not appear again. As it has been twenty years since this time, he was declared dead in 2018. However, it is also possible that he was involved in a witness protection program for reasons unknown to the public.


Though little is known about the Headless Egg McMuffin Horseman, he has been a fan favorite since his appearance in 1998. If you know his whereabouts, please contact this wiki or the police.

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