How Hamburglar Got His Stripes is a 1988 TV commercial which appeared along with Say Cheeseburger The commercial features familar McDonald's characters Ronald McDonald, played by actor Squire FridellGrimace, as voiced by voice actor Frank Welker, and Hamburglar, played by Howard Morris. The commercial tells of how Hamburglar "got his stripes" by supposedly trying to pilfer some more McDonald's Cheeseburgers. The narrator of the story was late voice and character actor John Fiedler.


In the commercial, Hamburglar, who's dressed all in black, attempts to steal a basket of hamburgers that Ronald and Grimace are planning to enjoy in McDonaldland. He tries many tricks to take them but all fail. Among them a disguise as a tree trunk, launching himself in the air to grab the burgers, and simply a short hello-goodbye to take them. In the end, as usual, his plot of thievery is thwarted by the ever-aware Ronald, who manages to catch him red-handed, and in doing so, manages to pull away part of his black clothing, leaving him in an outfit with white stripes! But being the ever kind person he is, Ronald still allows the Hamburglar to enjoy some hamburgers with he and Grimace.


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