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The Kiasu Burger

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The Real Kiasu Burger


Mr. Kiasu

Kiasu eating Kiasu Burger

Mr. Kiasu as he is shown eating his Kiasu Burger.

The Kiasu Burger was a limited time Singaporean chicken burger sandwich sold only in McDonald's locations in Singapore. This sandwich ran in 1993 due to the success of the Johnny Lau comic book series "Mr. Kiasu", complete with an advertisement directed by Mohan Surba and produced by Animata Productions. The burger sold successfully, selling a total of 1.2 million burgers. The burger itself contains crispy chicken (quality chicken from the United States of America), seasoning, lettuce, everything all in a sesame seed bun. This was an anytime burger, as advertised, as you can have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and was even available for birthdays, weddings, and romantic dates.