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McDonald's Tortillas were tortilla wraps sold in Poland in 2009. The two flavors available were Tortilla Łagodna (pl. Mild Tortilla) and Tortilla Pikantna (pl. Spicy Tortilla). The Mild Tortilla was a tortilla wrap filled with chicken, cucumber slices, lettuce and black olives with mild sauce. The Spicy Tortilla was a tortilla wrap filled with tomatoes, spicy chicken and cheese; it's tortilla was also red in color, and spicy-flavoured.

These two items were only available in 2009; both items were considered by McDonalds as separate from the McWrap, and marketed as such. Recently, an ad for them was found by the community of a polish YouTuber:


It should be noted that for some time, McWraps were also called Tortillas in Poland, f.e. Chicken McWrap was known as "Tortilla z Kurczakiem" (pl. Chicken Tortilla), as archived on a 2010 snapshot of the Polish McDonalds site.