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A McFlurry with M&M's candies

The McFlurry is a soft-serve ice cream dessert that has pieces of or mixed into it. The was first integrated in the menu at a Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada franchisee in 1995."


The flavors are crushed Oreo, M&M's Minis, Reese's, or Mars, Incorporated candy bars like Snickers, Twix, Galaxy, etc., Cadbury's candy bars like Twirl, Wispa, Creme Egg, Crunchie etc., Nestlé candy bars like Yorkie, Smarties, Drifter, Rolo, Butterfinger, etc. McDonald's also does limited time only flavors, e.g. for Shrek 3 it released the Ogre-Load flavor in 2007. In Australia, they had a special range for their 40 years in Australia celebration. The flavors were double choc fudge, bubblegum squash, strawberry crumble and caramel cookie. Also in Malaysia, a unique flavor called FuseofmyLife is offered to customers.

Mixing blade

The mixing blade for the dessert is actually a specially designed spoon with a hollow handle that attaches to the mixer spindle (except in Australia and New Zealand where the staff mix it by hand). The blade is used once then given to the customer to use as an eating utensil. Originally test marketed in Hawaii in 1997, it is now available in most of its markets.