McKids Adventures

A DVD of McKids Adventures, this one titled Get Up and Go with Ronald.

McKids Adventures was a short lived line of DVDs released in 2006, featuring Ronald McDonald and the McKids Children. Only two were published and they are Get Up and Go with Ronald and Treasure Hunt with Ronald. Both videos were filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

Get Up and Go with Ronald

In this DVD, Ronald and the kids go outside and play with their bicycles, scooters, and skateboards. They also warm-up and play soccer and fly kites.

The DVD starts with Ronald McDonald showing the kids his skateboard, which he mistakens for a unicycle. The kids point out his mistake and Ronald then brings the big wheel labeled "Get Up and Go" so the activity of the day is chosen. Ronald picks Jamal to spin the wheel and it lands on wheels. All the kids pick their favorite rides with wheels except for one girl named Kim, who is unsure if she is good enough at it.

Treasure Hunt with Ronald

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