Ronald McDonald with the six McKids.

Below is the list of children who appear in the McKids Adventures DVDs with Ronald McDonald. Their ages vary but most are under the age of 12.



Ally, who lives in Miami Beach, Florida and enjoys fishing. She is portrayed by Tiera Dyck-Skovbye.


Isabella, who lives in a Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California and practices ballet. In Get Up and Go with Ronald, her favorite activity was the bouncing ball. She is portrayed by Nicole Muñoz. She is of Mexican descent.


Kim, who lives in Seattle, Washington and enjoys rock-climbing. In Get Up and Go with Ronald, Kim is not sure which activity is her favorite and is also unsure if she is good at any of them. With a bit encouragement from Ronald, Kim finally discovers how to ride a scooter and a bicycle, while figuring out her favorite activity is flying a kite. She is portrayed by Melissa Jung. She, along with Max, is of Chinese descent.



Max who lives in Manhattan, New York City and enjoys gymnastics. He is portrayed by Nicholas Woo. He, along with Kim, is of Chinese descent


Dylan, who lives in San Francisco, California. While in music, he is a pianist. He is portrayed by Kyle Tejpar.


Jamal, who lives in Des Moines, Iowa and practices karate. In Get Up and Go with Ronald, he got to spin the "Get Up and Go" wheel and pick the activity of the day, which was wheels. His favorite wheeler is a bicycle. He is portrayed by Daunte Hodgins. He is of African-American descent.

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