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Meatloaf is a former McDonald's menu item.


Meatloaf was only introduced to one McDonald's location located at Beatties Ford Rd in Charlotte, NC, with it being advertised in 1990.

Despite McDonald's Meatloaf being advertised within local newspapers for the states of Connecticut,[1] Maryland,[2] New Jersey,[3] and Kansas,[4] they only advertised the singular location in Charlotte, NC.

The menu item was described in advertisements as the following;

"McDonald's meatloaf is some of the best you will eat anywhere: moist, rich, veined with spices that reminded us of Indian and Oriental delicacies as much as the stalwart American kitchen classic. The loaf is served under a blanket of rich brown gravy dotted with peas."

Some advertisements refer to the McDonald's location in Charlotte as a 'Cafeteria' which was/is uncommon for the chain, speculating that the Charlotte location specifically was unrelated to the McDonald's corporation, however, a North Carolina newspaper from 1977[5] lists the Beatties Ford Rd location alongside the official McDonald's logo, confirming that it was, in fact, the same McDonald's.

The Beatties Ford Rd McDonald's was most likely demolished according to Google Maps.

Due to the items limited run and availability, no images of it are currently known to exist.

The Meatloaf did would to McDonald's in the later years, but as an exclusive to their Diner concept locations.[6]