Mick & Mack
Mick & Mack.jpg
Mack (left) and Mick
Vital Information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown (Mick)
Black (Mack)
Two young boys who go on adventures in McDonaldland
Character information
Appeared in: M.C. Kids
Global Gladiators

Mick and Mack are fictional characters and the main protagonists of the video games M.C. Kids and its sequel Global Gladiators.

Character Descriptions

Mick and Mack are boys who have a knack for adventure, especially in the hamburger loving world of McDonaldland. Mick wears a hat while Mack sports a flattop haircut. For M.C. Kids, they wore matching clothes, blue shirts and shoes and black shorts. In Global Gladiators, Mick wore a light blue shirt with his sleeve bearing a Golden Arch on it and black pants, while Mack wore a red shirt and blue overalls. They also appear somewhat older on the cover of the game.

M.C. Kids

Mick & Mack were reading a book in their tent, the book was about Ronald McDonald showing off his magic bag and doing magic tricks.

Global Gladiators

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