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Potato wedges are a McDonald's menu item available in France, Greece, Spain, Lebanon, Russia, And Malta. It was available in Egypt, the UK, Hong Kong, and Australia for a limited time only, however this item can also be found in some Latin American menus permanently which are sold as "McPatatas". In Spain they are called "Patatas Deluxe".

Regional Varieties[]


During the Limited time, it was served in a box rather in a cup (unlike other countries) with garlic aoli.

Hong Kong[]

From time to time it would appears on seasonal menu. It is also constantly available via McDelivery.[1]


In Lebanon, it is called WEDGES and served in a yellow cup instead of a red one to distinguish it from the regular fries. It is served with your choice of Mayo, Ketchup, BBQ sauce, Mustard, or Sweet & Sour Sauce.


In Malta, it is served with your choice of ketchup or mayonnaise.


In the UK, it is served with sour cream and chives sauce.


In Greece, it is called DELUXE and served with sour cream.


In France, they're called "Potatoes" and served with "Creamy Deluxe" sauce.


In Norway, it is considered a secret menu item. Witnesses report that employees will jump over the counter and assault those who attempt to order it.


In Spain, they are called, as well, Deluxe and a small package of sour cream is provided.


In Switzerland, it is called: "Potatoes" and is only sometimes on the menu as a Limited offer.



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