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Poutine is a Canadian national dish consisted in french fries topped with white cheese and gravy. It's featured in Canadian McDonald's menu.

Working at a Canadian McDonald's, located in Quebec, the home of Poutine, I can tell you this fry substitution is very popular amongst the canadian population. The Poutine at McDonald's originally was exclusive to Quebecer's, but because of the popularity spike, McDonald's Canada decided it would be a splendid idea that they add this side substitution to the mix across the country. Since then, we've had multiple different versions of the Poutine. One being the "Petry" Poutine based around the Montreal Canadiens Hockey star, which was exclusie to Quebec. This Poutine contained smoked meat, mustard and pickles as well as the base poutine ingredients, and recently and is still on-going throughout Canada is the Buffalo Spicy Poutine which contains either Grilled or Crispy chicken, Buffalo Sauce and Green Onions (Chives), Spicy Buffalo Grilled and Crispy Chicken Poutines are made in Québec. On April 4th, 2017 we're also receiving the new "3 Cheese and Bacon Poutine". I can't show a picture nor can I say whether its across Canada or not because it would break my code of conduct, but this Poutine does include all the base traits of the poutine just as the others do but includes Bacon Bits and McDonalds Shredded, Monteray Jack and Cheddar Cheese.




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