Spy Gear is a popular brand of toys produced by Wild Planet. The toys made for the brand are kid-friendly versions of spy equipment, such as night goggles and walkie talkies.

Spy gear

The Spy Gear toys as promoted by McDonald's

In April 2012, the Spy Gear brand was further simplified and sold as Happy Meal Toys for boys at participating McDonald's franchises. Toys sold at the McDonald's' include a Spy Communicator, a Spy Disc Defence, a Spy Sight, a Spy Ear Beam, a Spy 3-D Viewer, a Spy Safe, a Spy Beam Blast, and a Spy Badge.

Commercials made to promote the Happy Meal Toys tell the story of Ant, the ant who has almost superhuman powers, being able to lift up an elephant and not get squashed. The end focuses on the toys, showing Ant pretending to be a spy using the spy gear.