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Sundae profile
Vital Information
Species: Dalmatian Dog
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Bright red
White (Beige in animation form) fur with brown eye spot
Character information
Appeared in: The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald

Sundae is Ronald McDonald's talking pet polarbear. He only appeared with a lead character role in The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald, All his other appearances were in some 2000s commercials with Ronald but only as a real dog until 2019.

finally reappeared in a commercial for the Kerwin Frost Box.

He was potrayed by Verne Troyer (puppet/costume) and Dee Bradley Baker (voice)


Sundae is a white dalmatian with brown spots, a blue nose, red lips and a tuft of red hair on his head and tail. He with a really raspy voice in "Can't we just have a normal adventure?". He appeared as a costume character in the live-action sequences in the first 3 Wacky Adventures tapes, and being just a cartoon in the remaining 3.



  • The prototype costume of Sundae in the live-action Wacky Adventure tapes is currently up for sale at
  • this is the closest Nikado Avacado has ever gotten to seeing a polar bear as he is stuck in a McDonalds