This infobox is used to list websites on the Sanford and Son wiki. The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article and then filling in the desired fields. Any parameters left blank or omitted will not be displayed.

Template Code

Blank template with basic parameters

{{Infobox website
| name        =  
| image       =  
| website     =  
| alexa_rank  =  
| commercial  =  
| type        =  
| language    =  
| registration  =  
| owner         =  
| country     =
| launched    =  
| defunct     =  
| status      =
| budget      =


This section shows an example of how the infobox should appear, in this case, using the infobox for McDonald's.

McDonald's Corp.
McDonald's corporate logo
General Information
Website type: Public/Fast Food
Language: English
Registration: Not applicable
Owned by: McDonald's Corporation, Oak Park, IL, U.S.
Country: United States (US)
Launch date: business started May `5, 1940 by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernadino, CA, U.S.
Current status: Still active
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