That's My Ronald is a music cassette tape featuring six songs, including the commercially heard tune That's My Ronald. The cover features Ronald McDonald on a blue background doing his signature "M" pose using his fingers, and the title of the track in red letters on the right.


♪Who spreads magic all around? That’s my Ronald. A friendly red-shoe wearing clown, that’s my Ronald. Who makes the boringest things real cool, who’s not afraid to bend the rules? That’s my Ronald... McDonald.♪

♪Who can make my goldfish bark? That’s my Ronald. Flies kites with me out in the park. That’s my Ronald. Who’s has way of doing things that make you want to laugh and sing? That’s my Ronald... McDonald.♪

♪Who likes to play anytime of day, Who knows I like to giggle, Who knows my favorite color is blue, And which tooth is starting to wiggle.♪

♪That’s my Ronald.♪

"That's me."

♪That’s my Ronald. That’s my Ronald... McDonald.♪

"This is fun."

♪That’s my Ronald.♪

♪That’s my Ronald.♪

♪That’s my Ronald... McDonald.♪

♪Who always tells me funny jokes? And helps me climb up trees. Who pulls things out of thin air, like a tissue when I ah-ah-choo! Sneeze?♪


♪That’s my Ronald. That’s my Ronald. He’s the wackiest, goofiest, happiest, looniest, silliness, zanny-ist, craziest, cooky-ist-♪

“Stop, i’m blushing.”

♪That’s my Ronald... McDonald.♪

“Everybody sing.”

♪That’s my Ronald, my one and only Ronald. That’s my Ronald... McDonald. That’s my R-O-N-A-L-D. That’s my Ronald... McDonald. That’s my Ronald, my one and only Ronald. That’s my Ronald... McDonald.♪


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