The YumChums were a series of characters that appeared in British McDonald's television commercials around 2004.


These series of adverts go like this: It would show Ronald McDonald at a gym, and then he would rub his stomach while saying "Yum, yum. What's going on in my tum?" and then show what is inside his stomach; pitch black with cartoon-like eyes asking if they're ready. It would suddenly fade into a colorful environment with the YumChum gang:

  • A purple blobby character who has a skateboard.
  • A female character who has a swirly tail and likes dancing.
  • A short, smart green creature with glasses.
  • A big, spherical brown hairy monster.
  • A small, blue bouncy ball like creature with a baseball cap.

All these characters would sing about the joy of being healthy and then it would come back to Ronald McDonald, who would be doing an activity related to the song, like juggling tomatoes in the 5 a day advert for example, causing them to splatter on the screen. The adverts would end with the URL for the YumChums website as well as the slogan said by Ronald himself "It's what I eat, it's what I do, I'm lovin' it".

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