Uncle O'Grimacey
Uncle O' Grimacey
Uncle O'Grimacey, Irish Uncle of Grimace.
Vital Information
Species: Grimace
Hair Color: Green, all over body, sports a green cob hat and cane
Large anthropomorphic creature with short arms and legs; Irish uncle of Grimace
Character information
Appeared in: Has appeared in McDonald's TV commercial/print ads for the "Irish Green" "Shamrock Shake" that are sold in celebration of "St. Patrick's Day" during the holiday season
Uncle O'Grimacey is a McDonaldland character. He is Grimace's Irish uncle. He was created for a McDonald's commercial that promoted green milkshakes, which were called Shamrock Shakes and were available for a limited time around Saint Patrick's Day.
Mc Donald's Shamrock Shake Commercial

Mc Donald's Shamrock Shake Commercial

A McDonald's television commercial which features the McDonaldland characters, Uncle O'Grimacey, Grimace and Ronald McDonald.


Uncle O'Grimacey is a green grimace. He wears a green cob hat, a vest with shamrocks on it, carries a wooden cane and appears furrier than his nephew Grimace. Every March, around St. Patrick's Day, he delivers Shamrock Shakes in McDonaldland. Uncle O'Grimacey is just one of many grimaces in Grimace's extended family.