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Uncle O'Grimacey
Uncle O' Grimacey
Uncle O'Grimacey, Irish Uncle of Grimace.
Vital Information
Species: Grimace
Gender: Male
Nationality Irish
Hair Color: Green, all over body, sports a green cob hat and cane
Large anthropomorphic creature with short arms and legs
Character information
Appeared in: Has appeared in McDonald's TV commercial/print ads for the Irish Green Shamrock Shake that are sold in celebration of St. Patrick's Day during the holiday season

Uncle O'Grimacey is a McDonaldland character. He is Grimace's Irish uncle. He was created for a McDonald's commercial that promoted green milkshakes, which were called Shamrock Shakes and were available for a limited time around Saint Patrick's Day.


Mc Donald's Shamrock Shake Commercial

A McDonald's television commercial which features the McDonaldland characters, Uncle O'Grimacey, Grimace and Ronald McDonald.


Uncle O'Grimacey is a green grimace. He wears a green cob hat, a vest with shamrocks on it, and carries a shillelagh. Every March, around St. Patrick's Day, he delivers Shamrock Shakes in McDonaldland. Uncle O'Grimacey is just one of many grimaces in Grimace's extended family.