Jack Rich

aka Patrick William Rich

  • I live in Toronto Ontario Canada
  • I was born on May 25
  • My occupation is writer and producer of Corduroy at Nelvana.
  • I am male

It's me Patrick William Rich and I am full of good information and I am also here because I love McDonald's very much and I am even collaborating with McDonald's as when I write and produce new episodes of Corduroy The Bear at Nelvana to make all McDonald's restaurants to have indoor PlayPlaces and the indoor PlayPlaces will include arcade games such as Mario Kart too. And I even made a new additional aluminum exterior for McDonald's which will all have indoor PlayPlaces along with the traditional exteriors like the double mansard from 1968 and the McEyebrow from 1996. And along with the new aluminum exterior I have made which will be called the Arch wedge I have made extra more McEyebrows to replace the unclear exterior design made by the I'm lovin it slogan which makes no sense at all. Some of these extra Mc Eyebrows are like the new Hickory Flat McDonald's etc. And also I am separating the McDonald's from the Walmart in the Nassau Park Pavilion and build an extra unit in the Nassau Park Pavilion for the McDonald's too so it will have an indoor PlayPlace.

Gallery of the new aluminum exterior I have created for McDonald's restaurants which will all include indoor PlayPlaces.

Gallery of the extra McEyebrows

My favorite pages

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