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hi my name is marie and I for one find the mcdonalds secret menu interesting. this world is full of many secrets and they've interested me ever since i've experienced the world for myself... i can't believe that even the fast food menus have secrets in them too! the secret menu page is very lacking and short... i don't like short things or short pages!

i know this is McDonalds wiki but let's be like wendy's motto and NOT CUT CORNERS!

some things that deserve pages here:

  • big mcchicekn
  • chicken mcgriddle
  • biscuits & gravy
  • McLeprechaun Shake
  • McGangbang
  • Monster Mac
  • Grilled cheese

ever since i discovered the secret menu items i have asked mcdonalds everywhere for extra options they don't have on their menus. i went to one mcdonalds and asked for the mcgangbang but they looked at me funny, so i went to another one and they actually had one. since then i've had 3 mcgangbangs and i've had 2 mcleprechaun shakes and a monster mac. i even shared biscuits and gravy with one of my senpais.