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July 9, 2017- The hamburger happy clown has me this unfortunate demise at a young age. Ronald McDonald, 57, was crushed by a giant Quarter Pounder at a franchise restaurant in Chicago. He was giving a magic show when a rock he tossed hit a Quarter Pounder as part of a "disappearing giant food" act, which broke the podium the burger was on, causing the giant burger to fall and crush the clown. A funeral date has not been planned.

Ronald McDonald was born on September 10, 1960 to parents Robert McDonald Sr. and Roxanne McDonald. The clown had an ordinary childhood, and always obeyed his parents. He had A's and B's in Clown Elementary, which would later give him better job opportunities.

When he reached high school, Ronald began becoming seclusive and lonely. He maintained his grades while becoming stressed out due to the work load. Eventually, Ronald was so stressed out that he sued his high school to create a smaller workload for anxious students. This event would lead the clown to pursue a career in business, for no reason.

Ronald always loved