Vitas Varnas
Vitas Varnas 2018

Vital Information
Born: (1992-06-16) June 16, 1992 (age 28)
Birthplace: NSW, Australia
Career information
Actor, writer and producer
Appeared in/
Involved with:
Businessman in McDonald's Australia All Day Menu ad

McDonald's recruitment poster boy

McDonald's Australia online ad - All Day Menu Hotcakes For Lunch - Vitas Varnas

McDonald's Australia online ad - All Day Menu Hotcakes For Lunch - Vitas Varnas

Vitas Varnas in the McDonald's Australia "All Day Menu" online ad (2019)

Vitas Varnas is an Australian actor, writer and producer who played a businessman in McDonald's Australia's All Day Menu ad.[1] Vitas also appeared as an employee on recruitment posters for McDonald's Australia restaurants.[2]

Outside of McDonald's, Vitas has appeared in numerous theatre, TV, commercials and video games.

He was not paid for his role in the advertisements. Instead, he received a McDonald's Gold Card, allowing him free meals at any McDonald's wordwide for the next 5 years.

In the past, he has been an occasional contributor to the popular video game let's play series Game Grumps.[3]



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